Flower Girl Discography

Animal Flag - Void Ripper

4/13/2018 · Flower Girl, Triple Crown Records · FLWR-015

Even though ANIMAL FLAG have been making music since 2009, it’s best to think of the Boston-based band’s new album, VOID RIPPER, as a beginning rather than a continuation.

For starters, it’s the first release from the band’s current lineup — but perhaps more importantly, it’s another entry in Animal Flag’s continual reinvention. “I tend to think of music and the music I’m apart of as an album-by-album endeavor,” frontman Matthew Politoski says. “Each one is its own thing that creates a universe.”

Heavily influenced by folk artists like Sufjan Stevens and David Bazan, Politoski’s meditative musical voice gives Void Ripper an introspective aura that counters the heavy rock influences of his bandmates. To that end, the album is all at once intimate and expansive, booming alternative rock often shrouded in dark undertones and the occasional electronic flourish but colored with introspective soul-searching themes.

Caracara - Summer Megalith

9/22/2017 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-014

Caracara began as a collaboration between Carlos Pacheco Perez and Sean Gill of Square Peg Round Hole and William Lindsay and George Legatos who had recently closed up shop as W. C. Lindsay. The idea was to make dynamic music that whispers as much as it screams. Harsh and dense mid ranges, blaring horns, romantic strings. Everything was a back and forth- George and Will had always played by feel and written by ear, while Carlos and Sean came from strict traditional conservatory backgrounds. They wanted their band to serve as a conversation between their respective histories. Caracara have already played several shows in the Philadelphia and New York areas, opening for bands like Mannequin Pussy, Grayling, Sinai Vessel and more.

en route - then is a song

7/21/2017 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-013

En Route is a three-piece rock band from Philadelphia, PA and the brain child of guitarist P. J. Carroll (Clique). On their debut EP, Carroll maneuveres his way through brutally slow yet melody filled songs reminiscent of early 90's slowcore. Carroll is joined by Ruben Polo (Soul Glo) and Charlie Singer (Sorority Noise, Old Gray) on bass and drums, respectively.

greg horbal - sick

4/01/2017 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-010

Greg Horbal, former member of My Heart to Joy and The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, is excited to be releasing solo music for the first time. The four-song EP is titled Sick.

small circle - cyclical

9/08/2017 · Flower Girl Records, Triple Crown Records · FLWR-012

Both as artists and people, Small Circle is a band built on self-discovery. When Sorority Noise singer/guitarist Cam Boucher recruited Marissa D’Elia for a new project in early 2016, he’d never even heard her sing. But he knew she had important things to say.

Soon the pair—along with fellow Sorority Noise members Adam Ackerman (guitar) and Charlie Singer (drums)—had formed Small Circle, who were quickly dubbed a “supergroup” by AV Club and released their debut EP, Melatonin, in April 2016 on Boucher’s Flower Girl Records. Her bandmates were veterans of the game, but for D’Elia, who counts Small Circle as her first band ever, the process of stepping into the role of songwriter and frontwoman was the ultimate learning experience.

This juxtaposition of the band members’ respective musical histories is what gives Small Circle’s debut album, Cyclical, its defining sound.

cameron boucher - hell is warm

6/19/2017 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-009

hell is warm, is a 14-minute release from Cameron Boucher of Sorority Noise, Old Gray, and Small Circle. The release is not broken out into songs, but instead is meant to be heard as one continuous track.

small circle - melatonin

5/5/2017 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-008

small circle is a Philadelphia based band featuring Marissa D'Elia and members of Sorority Noise. melatonin originally came out in 2016, but the Flower Girl reissue features a new fourth song titled "sameness."

Old Gray / Tiny Moving Parts - Split

6/20/2014 · Kind of Like Records, Flower Girl Records, Broken World Media · FLWR-007

The 2014 split release between Old Gray and Tiny Moving Parts, featuring two songs per band.

Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

9/2/2011 · Flower Girl Records, Broken World Media · FLWR-006

The second EP from Old Gray, originally out in 2011. Reissued in 2015 with a refreshed track listing and b-side etching.

Sorority Noise - Forgettable

05/13/2015 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-005

The debut full-length album from Sorority Noise.

Old Gray - An Autobiography

3/11/2013 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-004

The debut full-length from Old Gray.

old gray - slow burn

12/09/2016 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-003

old gray's long-awaited follow-up to an autobiography.

Cameron Boucher - Some Covers

3/08/2016 · Flower Girl Records · FLWR-002

Old Gray - Demo 2011

6/30/2015 · Bad Timing Records, Flower Girl Records · FLWR-001

The first and only pressing of Old Gray's four song debut release, Demo 2011.